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Final Theses

You are probably reading this page because you are a student of mine who has to write a final thesis. Because writing a thesis follows some specific rules, I listed the main points below:

Preliminary Steps

  • work out a topic with me
  • register the thesis at the “Prüfungsamt”
  • bring a description of your topic and the confirmation that you registered the thesis to me

Along the Way

  • Make a jour-fix appointment with me, so we can discuss the progress of your thesis on a regular basis.
  • Start writing early! If you are into Latex, here is a template:
    Alternatively you can write in Word.
  • Look at other final theses that were conducted under my supervision. If you need hints to example theses – contact me.
  • Intermediate presentation (Bachelor/Master/Diplom):
    You need to give an intermediate presentation of your thesis. The intermediate presentation should be in the middle of your thesis and present preliminary results.
  • Send slides of your preliminary presentation to me at least 3 days in advance.

Finishing the Thesis

  • Send your thesis to me about 2 weeks before the deadline. We need that time to fix problems.
  • Let your friends proof-read your thesis! Nothing is worse than having typos in your final thesis. Make sure your thesis is in good quality.
  • Make a date for the final presentation (about 2-4 weeks after your submission deadline).
    PRACTICE your talk! Please do not embarass yourself and me by giving a crappy talk.
  • Make sure to gather all software and materials (High quality images/ used questionnaires/ data) and burn them onto the “supervisor CD” – this is a CD/DVD that is attached to my version of your thesis.

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